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Puleo's Ice Cream


133 Washington Street
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All of our ice cream is made here on the premises. We use fresh cream, and the finest ingredients to produce ice cream to the original recipes developed by our founder, Charles Puleo. Whether you are looking for a scoop or two from our Ice Cream Store, or want to bring a half gallon home, you'll love our rich tasting ice cream flavors. We also produce a few flavors as "sugar free" for those who require it.

The following is our list of flavors, which one is YOUR favorite?

Ice Cream Flavors

Vanilla Mocha Heath Bar
Chocolate Pistachio Almond
Strawberry Mocha Chocolate Chip
Coffee Mocha Almond
Fresh Fruit Banana Butter Crunch
Chocolate Walnut Fudge Maple Walnut
Coffee Oreo Oreo Cookie
Peanut Butter Mint Oreo
Apple Strudel Black Raspberry
French Vanilla Cookie Dough
Honey Grapenut Cappuchino
Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Pudding
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Reese Cup
Coconut Chocolate Chip Vanilla M&M


Orange Lemon

Sugar Free Ice Cream

Vanilla Strawberry
Chocolate Maple Walnut

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